but but

                                        and other incomprehensible poems


                             by Johannes Beilharz



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Dictionary stuff


I. Proposition


     tight beam thick nick, cladding



II. Geographical tinge


                      conservation des peaux brutes



III. Characterization sketch


                                         »... off his rocker?«


                                  »... deep end?«


                      »suppose ... doesn't tick right«          disgrace or honor



IV. Approach to poetry and method; more tingeing



                             »To be honest, I've never been thrilled by poetry. It just means nothing to me. 


                                                                                                 It's okay as long as it rhymes.«



                                                     (She tempts him with a clarinet.)



                                                      »You'll never ever see the moon, at least not the one you're after.«



                                                                                    Last draw from waxy carmine lips,


                                                                                    hand arc down, stub out



                                          Where is there love in all of this?


                                                                   Where is the emblem?


                  Where is the rose, where the thorn?



                                                       You who refuse the thorn



V. End



                         End in cigarillo or gnatsy dagger 



                                                      (thank you, L. Cohen)


      but but



                                                                   An attempt at purity dedicated to the fridge
                                                                   from whence descended



only of as repulsive rain recall



          vision when was




     pant raw not blue


  please place blood beneath


The walls of




I have seen them, and if only in reality




                  You may not have seen them


     while unclenching a fist, while removing pink chewing gum from your hair where someone much younger had taught you a lesson & a blow to your ego an encounter that survives & has been embellished for didactic reasons


                   I feel peaceful now with the assurance that you are making your way safely on glistening rainy streets


      I have seen them and you have become another, known and peaceful


From the Erie series



                                                             Very condensed theatrics

                                                                            in 3 acts, Aristotelian continuity broken


                                                                            Putting in an appearance:
                                                                            Theodor Fontane (1819-1898)
                                                                            20th Century Understanding of Water Fun

                                                                            Intrusion by name association:
                                                                            Gabriel Ferrater (1922-1972)


I. Stage set



              John Maynard & Lake Erie there through Theodore




                            flivver & yell & splash & laugh & speed & yodel & water-filtered exhaust


                            flivver & splash & rush & speed & speed & 


                                                                              clash & yell & yelp




                                                (Captain unflinching, bass voice)



                                      Thank God (or no?) nothing up in smoke



                                                (Captain unflinching, off deck in measured steps



II. Current potential



               What cruel green thinking


                                                          (like divers out there as off New Zealand,


                                                                         on mission



III. Mediterranean shift



                                                                              Dalíesque backdrop, but amid hills

                                                                              and friendly apple orchard greens, blacks,

                                                                              greys, whites, reds



                                   Stone masons, I call upon you for stone masons, 


                                   you who built that mansion in fall 


                                   as well as menstruating sun 


                                   and that scalpel scraping life


All copyright © 2003 by Johannes Beilharz.


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